Friday, November 19, 2010


I know I said I would write about the marathon, but I realized I never write what I should write. Maybe I'll write about it next week. Due to recent events and conversations I've been tangling the idea of intimacy around my fingers and synapses. Because of the taboo of this topic this post is probably not for the immature hearted.

It's really easy to strip someone of their clothes. You have hormones, physical tension and pleasure nerves all working on your side. Maybe it takes people longer then others or longer then they would like. But if both are semi-attracted to each other and have that longing,  I'm sure with some tick for tack it'll happen. And what gratification that must be to have the fleshes' fire quenched. It's the trickiest drug out there because it involves partaking with at least one other soul. Perhaps that adds on to the mysticism of sex (in case I wasn't making myself clear).

So that's physical intimacy. Undeniably pleasurable for most and lets face it if we have our guard down we're all pretty easy.

On the flip side, stripping someone of their thoughts is not so easy, seemingly impossible. You have years of mental walls, insecurity and sneaky lies working not on your side. Maybe we don't even want to go there or we find something that we don't like. But think about that one person you really love (brother, mother, lover, friend), they probably have some self- taught loathing mechanism working against the grain of their being. Rarely revealed because who signs up to be Debbie Downers lover, friend of family? But most people carry beliefs their whole lives that are not true. I was a carrier myself and it was not benign. The scary thing is it infects us all without being aware of it. Treatment is hard. It involves real intimacy. This intimacy is not to be done one on one. This intimacy involves your world. Past, present and future. Needless to say, it's not easy. It really comes down to if you really want to be known by yourself and others. If you really want to be stripped.

So that's real intimacy. Unpopular opinion for most but lets face it, people with no balls take the easy route.

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  1. wow. very deeeep... i need time to think about this!