Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It is always a funny revelation how closely we are all tied to one another. Everyone has this sense of individual security. We have our plans for the week, month and year. Today I thought around this time I would be at Planet Granite winding down from my first run in two weeks or bouldering the new V1 routes I have not touched. By 7pm I would be hitting the showers and getting ready to enjoy dinner with a couple of darling friends. I even gave myself options because we are all about the freedom of choice. But instead, I am oddly typing on Microsoft this blog entry in my car in a parking lot. This is a pretty ultimate low. Thankfully I am parked in a corner so there are no witnesses.

By my dear beans, I hope that this won’t be a rant because those blogs are never really that fun to read. On Sunday my family had to deal with the consequences of buyer’s remorse and ended back at the Great Mall.  Due to my uncle’s plans not aligning with ours we had a hour to kill at this Great Mall. My mom went into one of those shops that my little brother and I dreaded. (think Tupperware) We were chillin on the bench outside. I even remember thinking, this is nice just goofing off with my brother talking and laughing about nothing of any sort of significance. When my mom returns we finally decide to take off to our destination earlier than planned because the Great Mall is really not that great.

When we are getting up to leave I realize my purse is no longer next to me. (For those skeptics, yes I’m sure the purse was with me when I was on the bench because I remember texting while waiting for Mom.)  I kept my cool and used my mom’s phone and put a hold on my mobile account, bank card and credit card. Everything else I considered lost. Gift cards, 10 day gym pass, rewards card and etc. Crap, I just realized my insurance cards are in there! Anyways,  I even refused my mom’s offer to go home instead of eating dinner with my relatives. I told my family “it is what it is, life most go on”.  Today I went to the DMV to apply for a duplicate license and filed a police report. Additionally, there were a lot of residual thoughts today.
Because someone decided to take an unsuspecting strangers’ purse, my seemingly safe world has been cracked. Last night, I went a bit frantic as I read what people can potentially do with your license. I was never very concerned with identity theft but tomorrow I am going to sign up for Identity Theft Protection for a month . Realistically, I will probably have to use a stupid phone* for 5 months. This really ticked me off for 3 hours. And I hate it when I’m angry because anger seldom solves problems. I just kept thinking:  I have no options. I am stuck. Things that were part of my everyday, are now gone. It is not just the contents that were in my purse but pieces of my so-called-freedom.  And I’m not mad at whoever took my purse. I’m just astonished at how quickly the seams of daily life can easily be loosened and become something I have to fight for. The mean lady at the DMV, the insensitive banker who could not give me my temporary bank card and the busy fob AT&T rep that said I can only get a SIM card if I paid with my debit card are all shards of time I did not plan for, including this entry.

Now I have reached the end of my anger and I feel oh-so-very defeated. But so is life. And as quickly as my purse was taken away so will these emotions pass and maybe sooner than later I will be back to believing in the security of my plans and choices. But it is fun to hope that I can learn a great deal more. So if you have followed this long blog entry thus far: I am going to go without a credit card and cell phone for a week and will diligently report back my day to day thoughts. 

See ya'll in a week! 

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